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With impressive lakes, waterfalls and enviable flora and fauna, Ucayali invites you to live a different experience with nature and its deep roots. Know the customs of the native ethnic groups living in the Amazon and be part of their traditions. Walk on enigmatic lakes like Lake Yarinacocha and Recharge energy in the various waterfalls like Boquerón del Padre Abad. Ucayali, a place that will surprise you.


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Yarinacocha Lake

20 minutes from the center of Pucallpa, you will find one ofthe most beautiful lagoons in Peru. Yarinacocha, a marvel of nature that is accompanied by the greenery and mystery of the jungle scenery that surrounds it. Its waters are formed thanks to the Ucayali River and it has a total area of 1.340 hectares. In addition, this lagoon has settled on its shores to groups of the Shipibo-Conibo ethnic group inhabited by 3.000 inhabitants...

City of Pucallpa

The Cathedral of Pucallpa Virgen de la Inmaculada
The cathedral is of neo-gothic style and was built with wood and porcelain from Spain. It was inaugurated in December 2006.Also known as the Cathedral of the Virgin of the Immaculate, patron of the city. 

Regalia Falls

For all lovers of adventure, you can not miss visiting this hidden treasure in our Peruvian jungle, the royalty falls, it is located in Curimana, it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, people love it because of its hidden beauty and natural peace. It is recommended to visit it in rainy times because of its greater influx of water. To get there you have to go 34 km to the inside of the road towards Curimana, which starts at km 60 of the road Federico Basadre.

Mayantuyacu - Hot River

The Peruvian geologist Andrés Ruzo Explorer of the National Geographic and consecutive client of our hotel, unveiled at international level, this Peruvian wonder that one knows atributary of the     River Pachitea, its indigenous name is Shanay-Timpishka which means " Boiled with the heat of the Sun ", Hot water, which reaches 93 °c. 

The Bride's Veil

The Bride’s Veil waterfall is a natural resource found in the district and province of Padre Abad, in the Ucayali region. The waterfall is considered the main tourist resort of the town of Aguaytía and is located within the circuit known as the anchovy of Padre Abad.

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