Yarinacocha Lake

A paradise waiting for you. 

20 minutes from downtown Pucallpa is one of the most beautiful lagoons in Peru. Yarinacocha, wonder of nature that is accompanied by the greenery and mystery of the jungle scene that surrounds it. Its waters are formed by the river Ucayali and has a total area of 1,340 hectares. In addition, this lagoon has settled on its shores to groups of the ethnic Shipibo-Conibo inhabited by 3,000 inhabitants.
The tourist activity in Yarinacocha generates important income that favours nearby communities and, also, is used by the inhabitants to market tools, looms, products or foods of the region. The visit to the lagoon can be done at any time of the year. However, access varies according to the season.
During the months of December to April rains are presented that make more navigable and with greater access to various areas of the lagoon. In the following months you can observe the formation of baths with blue waters where you can swim, fish and even ski. The legend of Yarinacocha says that the lagoon of Yarinacocha was a product of the impossible love of a mermaid towards a human who, not being able to share with his loved one, cried so much that it gave life to this vast and beautiful lagoon. (Fuente Promperú)

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